Accelerate Development with EPAAS.

An innovative tool to develop pega applications faster

Accelerate Development With EPAAS
Today, with technology disruptions, enterprises find the need to continuously evolve their business processes. With BPM being the crux of constant growth, it is essential to have an application that an enterprise with seamless and scalable operations model.
EvonSys’ partnership with PEGA gives it the advantage of building business solutions to meet your growing requirements. EvonSys leveraged the assets and knowledge to build EPAAS. EPAAS has been developed with the key focus of enhancing business performance and accelerating time-to- market. E-PAAS accelerates development lifecycle by eliminating process inefficiencies using automation.
The objective here is to amplify your team’s productivity while reducing IT costs. EPAAS is unlike any of the high cost similar tools available in the market. EPAAS has built in features that provide a 360-degree solution to BPM. EPAAS builds in agility, allowing Business Analysts, Testers, Developers and Project Managers to track progress on enhancements and review reports.


Requirements Gathering:

  •  2-way communication between JIRA & PEGA DCO | Reduced Time & Effort


  • Automated | Intelligent | Contextual


  • PEGA ROBOT at your service | Seamless | Scalable

Quality Assurance:

  • Simple intuitive methodology to accelerate regression testing