EvonSys releases Google Chrome Extension for PegaSystems Sales Automation


Posted by Jim Cordeira - 26 July, 2018

Wilmington Delaware, July 17, 2018: EvonSys, has announced its first Google Chrome Extension to bring PegaSystems Sales Automation features to Gmail. This is the first Chrome Extension of its kind for Sales Automation and the first partner to build supporting features onto the Gmail platform by a Sales Automation Sidebar.

The extension is designed to support sales professionals and relationship managers who prefer to communicate via email. The plugin provides real-time context specific Sales Automation data and information for every contact, prospect and client email. Users will be able to quickly interact with the Sales automation application in creating cases, associated with the current open email and create records of all activities dynamically updating Sales Automation records up to date and sales team informed.

Punna Paramasivan, CTO of EvonSys added that “this is the first iteration of this Chrome plug-in and you will see additional capabilities very soon to include calendaring and creating opportunities directly from Gmail.” We are very excited and continue to find ways to build on what we believe to be the platform of the future.”

About EvonSys

EvonSys is a global IT service and solution integrator that excels in enabling business process digital transformations across the enterprise by helping companies adapt to their ever-changing business needs. They achieve these transformations by working alongside their clients and providing guidance, direction, and support in the enablement of PegaSystems, a best in class Business Process Management platform.

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