EvonSys marks their 3rd Year Anniversary with parties across the globe.


Posted by Jim Cordeira - 16 April, 2019

Wilmington Delaware, September 30, 2018: EvonSys has announced their 3rd year anniversary. I asked COO, Nish Fonseka to comment on the festivities. "Anniversary events have taken place across the globe in the month of September. We are very proud of our accomplishments and our people. We have gone from a handful of seasoned architects to over 100 professionals. These last few years we have built a strong foundation in which to scale and meet the demands of Pega integration across the globe. Its an exciting time at EvonSys and we have only begun to showcase our talents and innovation. We have taken time to have some fun with our coworkers and their families to say thanks for the help and support they all have shown through out the year." Murugesh Ramachandran, Country Manager in the Netherlands summarized his take on the anniversary as "Every office celebrated differently, some bowled, some golfed, as for us; we in the Netherlands waged a friendly game of war playing laser tag. We all had fun and enjoyed some great food and drink with our families and friends."

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