Small Business Onboarding.

Case Study - Onboarding small business

DIGITiZED Paper FORMS to an advance platform for a Global Bank

A large bank requested EvonSys to digitize their small business account opening process. 
  • Client: Leading Global Bank
  • Category: Onboarding


The client had a paper-based process to open small business accounts in North America nationwide - which was error prone and slow due to complex requirements. There was no easy way to track the applications and customer experience was not up to the mark.


EvonSys built a pilot program in 3 months duration. EvonSys helped client to extend the solution based on the client requirements.

With this new solution.,

1. Account opening happens with in 3 day SLA. – No more weeks of waiting

2. All the details are captured electronically, including signatures

3. Branch Banker is guided through the process.

4. Back office has a single repository with all information. 


on-boarding solution in three months 


As a result, client delight factor has increased - which results in more business.

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