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Case Study on replacing payment investigation solution

Custom Developed Pega Upgrade for a Global Bank

A large bank requested EvonSys to provide technical thought leadership, drive strategy and consolidate 4 investigation platforms into a single platform and sunset their current technology stack that included IntelliTRACS.
  • Client: Large Bank
  • Category: Payment Investigation


Client's requirement was to replace their legacy system with a new Pega 7 platform with automated features.


EvonSys rewrote their entire investigation platform across 4 LOB’s in 8 Months with a strong foundation layer and an exemplary archival strategy for all of their old cases. Apart from implementing STP for Return Of Funds and Corr Bank Charges, EvonSys built a new correspondence type to support IISI messages for both correspondence and Adjustments.


new automated payment investigation platform in Eight months 


As a result, after eight months they migrated to the latest Pega 7 platform with a smooth transition.

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