Small Business Onboarding.

Case Study - Onboarding small business

Customer Onboarding of Special Title Accounts

A large bank requested EvonSys to digitize their small business account opening process. 
  • Client: Leading Global Bank
  • Category: Onboarding


Our Client is one of the leading Global banks pursuing their business for more than two centuries in North America. The bank functions with a broad range of financial services and products to provide service to the individual consumers, several business corporations, federal governments and institutions.



In the last few decades, our client was using a manual paper-based form for special Titles accounts processed at local branches. The process covered Trust, Estate, Representative Payee, Guardian/ Conservator and Personal Account Conversion to Trust Account. Gathered information was registered into a legacy application. The end to end process was tedious and time consuming.

They were lacking an integrated system to handle multiple applications from increasing number of users from different locations of the country. 

  1. It became a challenge for bankers to maintain large volumes of paper documents in bank for each application. There was a requirement for legal documents (e.g. Special titles specific certificates, Tax certificate, Other bank forms etc.) to be auto generated by the system.
  2. Being dependent on a manual process, the application took high processing time and resulted in significant loss in business as a whole. The business needed a revamped and intuitive onboarding system for special titles.
  3. Dependency on a local branch for an applicant’s paper document, meant that an applicant could only work with a particular branch only. 
  4. With increasing demand for transactional visibility, smoother customer experience and maintaining comprehensive documents, there was a clear need for a smart solution.



  • EvonSys leveraged Pega’s Situational Layer Cake concept to build a platform which was easy to maintain. Our approach leveraged significant reuse through a Small Business Account Onboarding application previously implemented by us for the same bank.
  • This approach enabled an effort reduction of approximately 30-40% when compared with a more conventional approach.
  • EvonSys is Agile in its approach and so included the customer in every stage of the Development lifecycle to take real time feedback.
  • Collection of soft documents became a sigh of relief for bankers as the whole process became digitalized.
  • Multiple channels were developed for Easy communication among bankers within their own system.
  • The solution included Dynamic screens which can be changed by business in real-time with no development support. 


Miracles can happen if you are with the  right team


  • EvonSys implemented the solution within 9 months meeting within all the proposed project timelines.
  • EvonSys uses Agile in its approach and thereby included the customer in every stage of the Development lifecycle to receive real time feedback. It was a Customer & Provider joint design and development effort, a typical Agile feature.
  • The application was implemented in all 700 branches in US for global consumer banking. At the time of soft launch, the EvonSys team was physically present at key branches to support the client by acquiring their real time feedback. The feedback from end customers was also incorporated which led to customer delight.

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