Optical Character Recognition And Face Verify Components

Automate your document verification & processing.

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  • Text recognition
  • Face verification
  • Plug in component
  • Cloud and in premise support
  • Component design enables easy plugin into existing Pega processes such as customer onboarding
  • Straight through processing of customer documents sent irrespective of channel
  • Extract text from an image into a machine-readable character stream
  • Parse and map data from machine readable zones in identification documents such as Passports
  • Compare and verify faces between documents or from a customer selfie
  • Available as a cloud service or an on-premise native deployment
  • High degree of accuracy on system printed or handwritten documents


What our clients say ...

‘’The Service backbone is an excellent solution that will be the future of onboarding – great idea!’’

Managing Director

Performance Marketing Agency

‘’The automated file processing OCR is just the tool we need to streamline the registration of citizens at our place – Excellent solution’’


Government Agency

’The OCR solution will ease the physical labor of the manual processing of incoming files – very interesting for us to explore this further with Evonsys’’


One of the largest insurance companies in Sweden