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Experience seamless, transparent, and efficient international transactions with the EvonSys Payments Platform (EPP).

EvonSys Payments Platform (EPP)

EvonSys Payments Platform is designed to revolutionize the user experience for consumers and small businesses making international payments. Say goodbye to the hassle and uncertainty of traditional wire transfers and hello to seamless, transparent, and efficient transactions.

Seamless Integration

  • Leverages SWIFT capabilities to ensure accuracy and transparency.
  • Multi-channel capable, allowing customers to transact their payments business on their terms

Speed and Efficiency

  • Leverages SWIFT Go, where in excess of 90% of payments reach the beneficiary same day and 55% are credited within an hour
  • Proactive investigation of any payment without final confirmation of credit within the SLA of 24 hours.

Full Transparency

  • User and systemic access to the GPI tracker provides complete visibility at every step of the transaction.
  • Ensures key data such as account numbers and routing codes are correct before transmission.

Giving Banks the Competitive Edge

  • Enhance Online and Mobile Banking:
    Transform and elevate cross-border payments within your banking applications with EPP.
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    Keep customers informed and satisfied with regular updates and a final notification once the beneficiary is credited
  • Competitive Edge:
    Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technology that adapts as quickly as the continuously evolving payments landscape.

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