PegaWorld iNspire 2023, the annual conference of Pegasystems, the low-code platform provider empowering the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change®

EvonSys, a premier provider of low-code solutions, proudly unveils four innovative products – PeopleHCM, World Class UI for Pega® Constellation, Incentive and Promotions Management Solution for Manufacturing, and Simplified IT Service Management (ITSM) – at PegaWorld iNspire 2023, the annual conference of Pegasystems, the low-code platform provider empowering the world’s leading enterprises to Build for Change®. These state-of-the-art products aim to equip businesses with the ability to optimize operations, enhance user experience, and stimulate revenue growth.

"Our commitment to delivering top-notch software solutions that promote efficiency, productivity, and growth for our clients is exemplified by PeopleHCM, World-class UI for Pega® Constellation, Incentive and Promotions Management Solutions for Manufacturing, and IT Service Management products that we are launching at PegaWorld," said Punna Paramasivan, CTO of EvonSys.

"We are confident these products will redefine how businesses manage human capital, user interfaces, incentive planning, and IT service management, setting a new benchmark for the industry."


PeopleHCM is a robust Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution based on the Pega Platform, offering unparalleled adaptability and customization for organizations. With integrated automation and delegated access capabilities, PeopleHCM revolutionizes how businesses manage their workforce by delivering an all-inclusive suite of tools designed to streamline HR processes, boost productivity, and improve employee experiences. Key features of PeopleHCM include Time Sheet Management, Time Off Configuration, Expense Management, Recruitment Management, Onboarding & Offboarding, and Payroll Integration.

Ready-to-Deploy, World-Class UI for Pega® Constellation: 

Constellation UI is a set of ready-to-use, swift, and customizable user interfaces (UI) specifically tailored for Pega ®applications. This platform empowers businesses to refine their user experience, improve productivity, and accelerate time-to-market with a contemporary, intuitive interface designed to meet their unique needs. Constellation UI delivers a seamless user experience, end-to-end automation, and extensive customization options with pre-built themes for Pega®. These themes enable businesses to design user interfaces that align with their brand and user requirements, expediting application development and ensuring a smooth experience for end-users.

Intelligent Incentive Offers and Promotions (IIOP)

IIOP is an advanced incentive and promotion management solution for the manufacturing sector, allowing businesses to effortlessly digitize their incentive planning, dealer financing, and promotional activities across all staff and management levels. Utilizing AI, IIOP models "what-if" scenarios to provide "next best activity" interaction assistance, intelligently guiding pre-sales and after-sales efforts to amplify revenue generation. Key features of IIOP include Data Orchestration, Incentive Simulation, Power Incentive Calculation Engine, and Incentive Management Lifecycle.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

EvonSys' simplified IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, displayed at PegaWorld Inspire, is engineered to optimize and streamline IT services and infrastructure management for organizations. Built on the powerful Pega platform, EvonSys' ITSM application allows businesses to effectively track incidents, problems, changes, and service requests while easily managing IT services’ lifecycle. Key benefits of EvonSys' Pega-based ITSM solution encompass comprehensive IT service management, improved collaboration, cost savings, and customizable portals designed to fit user needs.

"By introducing these four products at PegaWorld iNspire 2023, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to continuous innovation and our capacity to address the ever-changing needs of our clients. We believe that PeopleHCM, Constellation UI, IIOP, and ITSM will significantly impact the market and help businesses succeed in today's competitive landscape," said Punna Paramasivan, CTO of EvonSys.

About EvonSys

EvonSys is a leading low-code solutions provider dedicated to delivering ground-breaking products and services that empower businesses to optimize their operations, elevate user experiences, and drive revenue growth. With a focus on innovation and excellence, EvonSys leverages its vast expertise in technology and industry best practices to enable organizations to realize their full potential.

In support of this, Judy Buchholz, senior vice president, global partner ecosystems at, Pega, shares her experience with EvonSys:  

“ Evonsys has been a highly collaborative partner, willing to invest for our mutual benefit, with a strong focus on customer success. This investment is backed by a wealth of experience from their leadership, who have worked with Pega in areas including core engineering, building strategic apps and other implementations."

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