Solutions to grow your business

Achieve Unparalleled Time-To-Value

  • Rapidly deliver applications that the business needs.
  • Facilitate faster decision making among cross-functional teams working in tandem.

Reinvent Development

  • Stay Agile and respond quickly to evolving business and customer needs.

Build More at Scale

  • Design solutions that are easy to scale on cloud-native architecture.
  • Create a variety of solutions ranging from process automation apps to mission-critical systems modernization without incurring high costs.

PEGA® upgrade made easy

We employ best practices and custom-developed tools to guide you cost-effectively through the upgrade process. Keep up with PEGA’s latest platform capabilities to delight customers and deliver unparalleled performance

  • Application assessment accelerator to capture snapshots
  • Competitive delivery timelines and appropriate planning strategies
  • Upgrade execution strictly conforming to the agreed-upon delivery plan
  • Setting up of basic DevOps and CI/CD Framework as applicable

We've built a proprietary & robust tool for the faster upgrade of PEGA® applications

EvonSys' PEGA® Upgrade Capabilities

Mitigation of the risk that comes with Homegrown Accelerator upgrade
Proven upgrade design patterns increase the predictability of execution by up to 90%
Test automation services post upgrade reduce the go-live time by 15-25%

Benefits of Using EvonSys' PEGA® Upgrade Solutions

Rich and immersive user experience adhering to the latest UI/UX standards
Support for Additional browser (MS Edge)
Simplified Export-to-Excel capabilities
Streamlined System Administration (Cluster Management on Admin Studio)
Advanced version 8 capabilities (DevOps, Purge/Archive, RPA, CS, Web Chat) readily available for strategic application needs