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Join us this June at Pega World 2024, where we're set to showcase a spectrum of transformative solutions. Dive into demonstrations that reveal how our solutions not only enhance business capabilities but also reshape operational landscapes across industries. 

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Whether you're looking to overhaul your technological infrastructure or refine key business processes, our booth is your gateway to the future of industry solutions. Discover why we are the preferred Pega implementation partner for most Fortune 500 titans.

Introducing the Future of Cross-Border Payments

We are thrilled to unveil the EPP (EvonSys Payments Platform), a groundbreaking cross-border payments platform designed to redefine how banking and financial organizations operate. With its ease of integration and future-ready technology, EPP is set to transform financial transactions globally.
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Smart Investigate Solution

Seamlessly integrate Smart Investigate into your existing systems to unlock a new era of payment investigation efficiency. Ensure your financial operations are fully compliant with upcoming ISO  standards and powered. Whether it's foreign exchange, nostro, or wholesale ACH, our solution spans all investigation types within wholesale banking.

Embrace modernization with us and transform how your bank handles payment investigations, setting a new standard in financial services efficiency.

CPAO – Customer, Product & Account Orchestrator

CPAO - Customer, Product & Account Orchestrator is designed to seamlessly integrate customer information, product details, and account management while enhancing operational efficiency and connectivity across financial services.
It is loaded with the power to simplify and connect every part of your customer engagement—from front-office interactions to the deepest layers of your back-office systems.
CPAO trailblazes a pathway to seamless integration and intelligent automation across all customers, product, and account management processes. By consolidating disparate systems and activities, CPAO ensures that everything from customer onboarding to complex product setups is handled with ease and efficiency.


Designed to support businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, PeopleHCM streamlines your HR operations from recruitment to retirement. Our HCM tool enhances how you manage your team, from recruiting to retention, making every step more human and less hassle.
Dive into the future of cross-border payments with the EPP, your gateway to efficient, transparent, and swift financial transactions worldwide. EPP revolutionizes the way payments are made, providing a seamless bridge between you and your international partners.
Experience the future of seamless, secure, and rapid payments with EPP, crafted to elevate your operational efficiency and ensure unparalleled transparency and speed in every transaction.

PEGA GenAI Blueprint

Step into the future of digital transformation with PEGA GenAI Blueprint. Redefine how you approach business operations and customer engagement with AI-driven processes that enhance decision-making and operational efficiency across your organization. Implement smarter, faster, and with precision using the PEGA GenAI Blueprint.

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Step into the future of enterprise technology with our Pega Upgrade service. Keep your systems
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Case Studies
Explore how our solutions have redefined the landscape of industries and transformed the operations of our clients.
The Transition From PEGA'S Cosmos to Constellation Interface For Our Client
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Refining an investigation platform for a global
financial institution
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Optimizing a global financial institution
investigation platform
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Wall of trust

“The decision to hire and consult with EvonSys was one of the best decisions we could have made. EVONSYS immediately introduced us to a technology solution for our non profit that was cost effective and transformed the way we communicate internally. Not only are they skilled, experienced, and strategic, they are warm, agreeable and a pleasure to work beside. ”


“I have worked successfully with Arun MS and several of his EvonSys team members for many years on numerous projects. Having attained their Pega certifications, including several Certified Lead System Architects, the team has a good working knowledge of Pega’s products. Once engaged on a project, I have found the EvonSys team to be dedicated, motivated, and technically proficient.”

PEGA Systems - Vice President

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with EvonSys. Their overall professionalism, product knowledge, and expertise with solving our unique challenges with the Pega Platform gave us the confidence needed to achieve our goals. We now see them as our strategic PegaSystems partner. I would highly recommend EvonSys as your Pega partner.”

Government Retirement Agency - CAO

“EvonSys helped to achieve a custom upgrade solution. In which, the old cases can be updated in the new system and vice versa. This helped us to migrate to the latest solution on a phased approach.”

Global Bank - Vice President

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