April 18th, Wilmington, Delaware: In the first quarter of 2019, EvonSys announces its new implementation office in Canada. After a successful opening in London, UK, EvonSys has initiated its journey

April 18th, Wilmington, Delaware: In the first quarter of 2019, EvonSys announces its new implementation office in Canada.

After a successful opening in London, UK, EvonSys has initiated its journey in Canada. This expansion signifies new achievement in the global journey of this company. Apart from the global Headquarter in Wilmington Delaware USA, EvonSys has offices in Australia, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and United Kingdom. The Toronto office, located in 2425 Matheson Boulevard East, is the eighth and latest implementation office for this fastest growing Pega partner across industries. “Our Toronto office opening is our commitment to our Canadian based clients. As a Pega systems strategic partner, we provide proficient leadership and innovative solutions to all of our clients.”said Mr. Arun MS, the Founder, and CEO of EvonSys.

About EvonSys

EvonSys is a global IT service and solution integrator that excels in enabling business process transformations across the enterprise by helping companies adapt to their ever-changing business needs. They achieve these transformations by working alongside their clients and providing guidance, direction, and support in the enablement of Pega, the best in class Business Process Management platform.

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