Generate $20 million in net benefits for your company with Mendix low-code customer engagement avenues

According to Forrester's ‘The Total Economic Impact Of The Mendix Low-Code Application Development Platform’ report, Mendix can generate $20 million in net benefits for your company. This blog post has included customer engagement benefits from Forrester's Customers Engagement Journey report. According to the study, technical and organizational leaders described how the Mendix platform saved them money, time, and led to increased efficiencies. 

In high-performing organizations, technology often empower customer service agents into hyper-sentient superheroes. Businesses need access to every detail pertaining to customer complaints or service requests for quicker resolutions to keep them happy and loyal.

Enterprises require technology that allows their IT departments to pivot quickly, ingest, and adopt new disruptions and innovations as they occur. Customers want to see the latest technological advancements and integrate them into their applications seamlessly—this requires time, testing, and understanding.

Add $3.1 million, three-year incremental revenue with Mendix low code platform

Mendix's low-code development platform is credited with generating $3.1 million in revenue over three years as a result of improved customer engagement, according to Forrester research. Mendix customers featured in the TEI report come from various fields. Still, the benefits they experience come from the developers' ability to centralize data access and innovate faster, resulting in quicker time-to-market.

This blog discusses how Mendix can speed up the development process, boosting customer engagement and driving business success. We'll also look at a few real-world examples of enterprises using Mendix's low-code application development platform to generate customer engagement revenue and benefits.

Deploying your customer engagement strategy

According to the Forrester TEI report, improved customer experience, such as consistent, accessible, and automated products in new and enhanced ways, led to better customer retention, engagement, and a 2.5% increase in revenue.

Customers believed that Mendix offered a complete toolbox for developing applications. Mendix allows enterprises to think outside the box regarding customer engagement through the platform's low-code, multi-experience flexibility. They can move faster and address more customer-facing issues in less time.

Consistency is key

Creating a consistent experience is just as important as having the right device for any challenge. Suppose you can solve various problems with the same low-code application development tool. In that case, you can also unify different systems on the same platform. 

With Mendix low code platform, enterprises can develop interfaces with recombinant elements, recycle code, and benefit from other efficiency and UX improvements. Primarily, this is achieved by allowing customer agents to locate the appropriate data on a telephone call with a distressed customer; this further accelerates the time to resolution. Enterprises may build one-stop apps for their client-facing products with a coherent experience. According to TEI's survey, this results in satisfied and loyal customers, a more significant market share, and higher profit potential.

Optimizing Customer Engagement

Mendix applications are built using low-code technology, resulting in less time and resource expenditure, reduced overhead, and the need for fewer employee resources. With more time and resources for innovation and creativity, business-side subject matter experts can collaborate with developers to create an application. According to Mendix customers, with better business-IT communication, the difference between creating an application is as glaring as between creating in the dark and creating one with complete visibility.

Mendix's model-driven development (MDD) platform eliminates roadblocks that impede creativity by facilitating quick-to-build visual interfaces and reducing barriers. Using the MDD approach, citizen developers with no coding experience can give life to their ideas. This helps organizations circumvent the resource crunch and cost challenges. Mendix's open development, collaboration across silos, and fast deployment enable organizations to generate the best customer-facing experience possible.

Mendix and the benefits of customer engagement 

Mendix's low-code application development platforms provide a significant economic benefit, according to Forrester's total economic impact study. However, organizations will continue to save money on application development well beyond the reported three-year window.

Mendix has teamed with EvonSys—a pioneer in low-code technology with a profound grasp of customer experience in manufacturing, media, retail, and healthcare businesses. The alliance aims to give organizations a better understanding of what customers want in their experiences.

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